Emergency Briefing from Pharma-Cycle

The risks associated with failed septic systems caused by cancer drugs and COVID-19


For two to three days following every chemotherapy treatment, up to 90% of ingested cytotoxic drugs are still present when excreted by the patient. Since most cancer patients are treated as outpatients and released right away to go home, they unwittingly expose their families and caregivers to cytotoxic drugs. And when a patient’s toxic human waste enters our wastewater, it cannot be removed with any existing purification technology. Nearly 20% of the 123 million households in the U.S. rely on septic systems to break down their human waste and chemotherapy patients who use them cause them to fail.

Failed Septic Systems and COVID-19

A chemotherapy patient whose home relies on one of the 21.5 million septic systems in the U.S. unwittingly compromises the effectiveness of their system when they flush their human waste into the system. The chemotherapy patient’s excreta contain still-active cytotoxic drugs that destroy the septic system’s fragile ecosystem and causes it to fail. The hazardous chemicals leech into the groundwater and ultimately reach the water supply. 

A failed septic system cannot effectively destroy viruses like COVID-19 and prevent their spread. Anyone infected with the coronavirus who uses a toilet in a household with a failed septic system puts the water supply at risk and can quickly spread the disease to others. One study provided by WHO states the coronavirus can survive up to two weeks in water, which is plenty of time to pollute the water.


Pharma-Cycle has the patented solution to control and dispose of this hazardous human waste safely and without causing harm to others. We can help stop the spread of COVID-19 through the control of human waste being poured into failed septic systems nationwide. The Company’s production, collection and disposal systems are all U.S. based. The rollout can be scaled rapidly to serve our citizens. The cost of not acting quickly will be a part of history.

Scientists agree that the easiest, cheapest and most efficient way to solve this problem is at the source. Once the cytotoxic chemicals enter the wastewater system and destroy septic systems, there is no available purification system to remove them from the water supply. A failed septic system will spread all disease, not just COVID-19. The downfall of many nations since the beginning of time can be traced to the transmission of disease through the water supply. 

To ignore these grave risks could have a catastrophic impact on our country. The U.S. Government can and should act now and play a leading role in funding these solutions as quickly as possible. Pharma-Cycle stands ready to deploy their U.S.-based patented solution that prevents the chemotherapy-induced failure of septic systems and also helps to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.