Pharma-Cycle System - USP 800 Compliance Made Easy

Human waste contaminated with cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs is regulated by USP 800, and could apply to a patient's clothing, bedding and anything the patient came in contact with during the excretion time. We offer an easy traceable, auditable system that offers the pharmacy, and patient, a way to securely track the chemo drugs and waste to a properly authorized disposal center.   

Drugs contained in urine and feces are collected during the excretion time are contained at a patients home, by them, and are then transported by a common carrier and safely disposed of at a waste facilty. In our opinion this meets the compliance set by the Department of Transportation regulations*, OSHA*, Joint Commission*, and USP 800*.

In December 2019 the adoption of United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 800, in conjunction with other existing legal and regulatory standards, will most likely require providers of certain cytotoxic cancer treatments to provide off-site collection systems for waste from patients that may contain hazardous materials or their metabolites in order to ensure that they are properly handled and disposed of in the same manner as the parent compound. - “All materials that come into contact with hazardous drugs or waste from patients receiving therapy with hazardous drugs (antineoplastics, radionuclides, etc.) can potentially contain hazardous materials or their metabolites. They should be treated as hazardous and should be handled in the same manner as the parent material. Each facility or institution should develop a policy for separation and safe disposal of hazardous drug material.”

*Not affiliated with DOT, OSHA, Joint Commission, or USP-800

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chemo drugs end up in reservoirs and may stay active for 25 years

reservoir with chemo drugs

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