We Need Your Help

Please tell your Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Doctor

The more people who know about the danger and how to stop it, the safer everyone will be.

A Cancer Diagnosis is Shocking to Hear:

  • Everyone is on auto-pilot
  • You are terrified what it means to you, your family, your future
  • But please remember, cancer is treatable

Most people know that a cancer diagnosis means:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy

We need help making sure everyone knows:

  • The 2-5 days after each infusion is dangerous for everyone around the cancer patient
  • If patient’s bodily fluids are carefully controlled, everyone is safe
  • If not, family members may develop cancers and other disease

Why would a cancer patient want to use the Pharma-Cycle Family Safe System?
Aren’t they going through enough?

  • To be honest, it is of no benefit to cancer patients  themselves
  • It is for the cancer patients’ loved ones
  • It is for only 2-5 days after each infusion - over before you know it

With the Pharma-Cycle Family Safe System, cancer patient can receive their treatment without fear they are hurting their family.

Please Contact your Legislators and Tell Them This is Important. You can use this page to contact your legislator.

Regulators’, Doctors’ and Hospitals’ hands are tied

  • FDA regulates Drugs until they are given to patients
  • EPA regulates chemical dangers but CAN’T do anything if chemical is drug
  • OSHA and NIOSH protect employees.  Can’t help patient’s family even if they are caregivers.
  • Doctors and Hospitals must follow strict guidelines - can’t tell families about dangers without permission
  • Insurance companies won’t cover protection unless Regulators and Hospitals tell them they MUST

Please tell your Legislators

  • Protecting Families from Chemo Drugs after the drugs leave patients’ bodies is IMPORTANT
  • Doctors and Hospitals MUST tell their patients and their families about the danger
  • Insurance companies MUST include family protection as part of the treatment

We want to hear from you

If you are a former cancer patient who received a Problem Chemotherapy Drugs and now a family member is sick, please let us know.  Legislators, Regulators, Hospitals and Insurance companies need to hear your stories.  E-mail me, in confidence, Theresa O’Keefe,tokeefe@pharma-cycle.com. A blog is coming soon. Together we can make our voices heard.














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