The Pharma-Cycle Family Safe System

Pharma-Cycle wants to make the difficult and expensive process of helping cancer patients keep their home safe from dangerous cytotoxic chemicals as easy as possible. Family Safe System is discretely delivered to patients' home and includes:

  • Devices for collection and automatic sequestering of contaminated bodily wastes
  • Critical supplies to reduce common sources of contamination in homes
  • Pharma-cycle family safe system
  • For 2-5 days after each infusion, the patients use the materials, pack everything back in the discrete shipping box and Pharma-Cycle handles the rest.

Outcome: Your family, your home, and your environment is safe.


Why I founded Pharma-Cycle

I spent 25 years helping companies and individuals safely remove extremely hazardous chemicals from their properties and homes – chemicals like arsenic and cyanide.  I am proud to say that during that time, nobody working for me has been hurt on my watch.  Everyone is healthier because so many hazardous chemicals are no longer being carelessly dumped into our environment.

In 2007, I needed to safely dispose of some cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs and I realized that although I knew how to keep my guys safe inside a cyanide tank, I had no idea how to keep them safe while they cleaned a toilet at a major cancer hospital.  The most dangerous chemicals we have ever made are drugs used to treat cancer.  In addition, many come out of the patients bodies as dangerous as they went in. 

Then in 2008, the issue became personal – my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My beautiful daughter was only 4 and she was devastated that she couldn't’t hug and kiss her beloved grandmother. While my mother was receiving these extremely dangerous drugs, I had to protect my daughter and her future health by keeping them apart. My mother (a lovely but tough lady) said “that is not good enough.  What are you going to do about it?”

That is why I founded Pharma-Cycle.  I wanted every parent and grandparent to receive treatment for their cancer and not have to worry that as they save their own lives, they are sacrificing their children and grandchildren’s futures.  I didn't’t want them to have to worry that as they flush their toilets they are contaminating their property and poisoning the drinking water of the children around them.

We have a way to keep everyone safe but we can only do it if patients in their homes have as much protection as hospital employees.


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