12/13 - Common Gound am790 Radio interviewed Pharm-Cycle to dicuss the impact of cytoxic drugs and how to protect yourself form them.

9/13 - World Health Organization Hazards, Impacts, Storage of Cytotoxic Drugs - Safe management of wastes from health-care activities.

7/18 - Out of the hundreds of chemo drugs are used to fight cancer 24 are cytotoxic (cell killing). Some drugs take up to 8 days for the to leave the patients body. In the meantime any pool, hot tub, clothes, bed sheet, bathroom, etc. can be contaminated and the drugs are spread to others. Chemo Drugs 2013

4/11 - Secondhand chemo: Cancer drugs help patients, but could they also be endangering caregivers, family members, and the environment? - CommonWealth (Note: the article states: “there is no data” when the FDA, OSHA, Niosh and the Joint Commission on Health Care have all confirmed the existence of the drugs)

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