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Jim Mullowney, Founder, CEO: Jim has over 25 years’ experience in the hazardous waste jim_mullowneyindustry and operated one of five licensed hazardous waste transfer facilities in New England. He pioneered the field of Cytotoxic Sanitary Waste. Jim began his career back when it was acceptable for manufacturers to pour chlorinated solvents down the drain.  His initial efforts involved cleaning up polluted industrial sites.  Later on, he realized that the problem was not just confined to industry, but was also about people.  His work expanded into post-consumer hazardous waste collection; and then later moved into hazardous waste generated by institutions such as hospitals and universities.  Most recently, he concluded that the most toxic chemicals we make are designed to mutate human genes in an effort to address diseases such as cancer.  The consequences of these drugs are just starting to be realized.  Mr. Mullowney believes that cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy are causing childhood diseases such as autism.  His background includes a degree in chemistry with a concentration in synthetic organic chemistry.


Theresa O’KeefeTheresa O’Keefe, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer: Theresa has over 25 years in Immunology and Molecular Biology, Drug Discovery and Development as well as innovative water cleaning solutions.  Following a Ph.D. at Tufts, and academic work at the MRC Lab Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK, Dr. O’Keefe was recruited to biotech to drive the creation of Therapeutic Antibodies (LeukoSite, Millennium, Critical Therapeutics, Pfizer).   Her work included safe therapeutics for acute and chronic diseases (i.e. RA, sepsis, Crohn's and psoriasis) as well as multiple types of cancer. Successes include many therapeutic drugs including Millennium’s Campath (for chronic lymphoid leukemia) and Vedolizumab (for Crohn’s). In addition, Dr. O’Keefe co-founded Waltham Technologies to develop waster cleaning to energy production processes.  She is committed to improved human health both through innovative drugs and the creation of safer living environments.  She is co-inventor of more than 25 patents and patent applications.


John Anderson, Chief Financial Officer: John has over 30 years’ experience as CFO of both public and private John Andersoncompanies. He has extensive experience in the operations of Chemical Waste Companies across North America having run geographic regions for three of these national organizations, working in every region of North America except Eastern Canada and Mexico. 
John developed extensive custom operating and marketing (customer acquisition & retention) systems, which enabled Laidlaw Northeast to control the booming Hazardous Waste Market for the Northeast US.  He represented Laidlaw managing CERCLA Superfund Site. .


William P. Hendry, Special Adviser: William has more than 30 years in the banking industry and headed BankWilliam Hendry of Scotland in the U.S. William is a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee at Carlyle GMS Finance and Senior Investment Advisor at Promethean Investments LLP. Mr Hendry also serves on the Board as a director of FirstCity since August 2010, and Chairman of the Board since August 2011. Mr Hendry holds an MBA from the University of Strathclyde and completed an advanced management program at Harvard Business School.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers in Scotland and a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

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